5 Easy Steps to Successfully Start Selling Digital Products

Digital product creation is a new way of building products online and devising creative ways to sell them to digital buyers to make money off the products. A digital product is any product that can be delivered electronically (online), they are also known as “digital goods” or “digital media”.

Introduction: What is a Digital Product?

In simple words, digital products are various valuable resources you create and market online. They can be in form of eBooks, computer or mobile applications, online courses or classes, design templates, video tutorials, audio or podcasts, and a wide variety of e-materials among others.

In this section, we will discuss the types of digital products, and how you can start selling online to make money from same.

Why You Should Create A Digital Product

Digital product is the most popular method for someone to make money online. It is a great way to increase your income and boost your earnings. The Digital products business is one of the most sustainable businesses to start today. You are spared from having to keep them, deal with delivery and mailing, or run the danger of the products being wrecked, exactly because they are digital and not tangible.

One of the most popular ways to make money online is through creating a digital product which you can then sell on various marketplaces like Amazon or Udemy, to mention a few.

Eligibility Criteria – Who Can Create and Sell Digital Products?

Anyone can create and start selling digital products, however, you need to be knowledgeable in a specific field to be able to create resources that can educate other people who want to learn about that field.

If you are an expert in your field or a business owner in a particular line of business, you can decide to create eBooks or courses around your speciality. To achieve this, you might want to learn about content creation and how to create digital products from your knowledge.

Also, as a professional, you can do in-depth research to generate resources, data and statistics that other businesses in your industry can buy for their use. For example, you can create and sell a recipe eBook if you’re a baker or chef. This same idea applies to any other profession, you just need to be strategic about creating what people are looking for in your industry or niche.

The 5 Steps to Successfully Start Selling Digital Products Online Today!

In order to start and build a successful digital products business, there are certain steps you need to take, from sourcing the product to create or sell, to making them available to online buyers to purchase them. Now, I will break down the basic steps you need to explore in order to start selling digital products. Read on!

Step 1: Find your niche

A niche is a segment or a sub-section of a larger market. It has its own unique features that differentiate it from the market at large. Finding the perfect niche will help you grow your audience faster, and make your content creation and marketing efforts more specific.

You might want to consider the following steps to choose the best niche:

  • Find a niche that is in line with your skill and passion
  • Find a niche that has an unmet need, something people are actively searching for
  • Identify the problems you want to solve
  • Research your competition

Step 2: Find a digital product or create yours

After choosing a niche, you have to either create a digital product around the chosen niche or find a product that you can market as an affiliate/a vendor and earn a commission off each sale. Make sure your product is high quality and is tested and reliable, especially if the product you choose to sell is not owned by or created by you.

Again, I needed to emphasize the fact that the product has to be something that you know a lot about and can easily teach someone else how to get the proposed results in the product. Also, don’t forget to create or find something that is in high demand.

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Step 3: Create a sales page and online branding around your products

Create a sales page that you can use in marketing the products. What a sales page helps you do is; it has every detail about the product, like what the product offers and how anyone interested can purchase the products. The sales page is also a way to show proof that the product is legitimate and sometimes with testimonials from people who have used it.

Secondly, your online branding will help people find you easily online. It’s called digital products, so you ought to have a digital platform that is branded to communicate that the product is in existence.

Step 4: Develop an email list

One of the most effective tactics for marketing your digital products is email marketing. Email marketing has the potential to earn your business at least $30 for every $1 spent. However, a great email marketing model only starts with a valuable email list. So how do you generate a valuable email list?

To achieve the best results with email marketing, you need to learn how to build a list of active subscribers and various ways to maintain the list once it is established. If you need help with creating an email marketing list, then I can help you achieve that, just sent me an email via giftie@giftvincent.com.

Step 5: Build an evergreen sales system and funnel

Have you heard the term evergreen sales system/funnel before? Well, this term is popular among online entrepreneurs and digital creators. If you want to create and sell successful digital products, then you must understand the term evergreen sales system/funnel and how it works.

An evergreen sales system/funnel is just a strategic model that entails that you create automated systems and flows to sell your digital products all year round, any day and any time, even without you being available to facilitate the sales. Want to learn more about how this works? then you should SUBSCRIBE to my updates.

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Step 6 (Bonus Tip): Market your digital products aggressively and DON’T STOP MARKETING

The big mistake a lot of digital creators make is They Don’t KEEP marketing. Why create a digital product you cannot market? you’ll need good marketing efforts to get more people to see the products, to get more interest in what you offer and to get more people to buy the products. So dear, you’ll have to do yourself a favour and keep marketing.

If you are working as an affiliate for other people’s products then your main job is marketing of the products, this applies too if you create your own products.


What you are able to implement matters more than what you have learnt because only the implemented knowledge will produce results. So, as much as you want to learn more, don’t stop implementing if you really want to make it big in the digital products industry. Take Action Today & Make Your First Dollar Selling Digital Products!

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