15 YouTube Video Ideas for Creators To Get Inspired

The world around us is more visual than ever. More and more people switch to YouTube to consume “snackable” videos rather than reading the content on their computer screens, that is why I have collated the best YouTube video ideas to help you create YouTube videos that people would love.

In addition, you might be overwhelmed by the possibilities of coming up with a YouTube video idea that stands out from the crowd. This article will help you narrow your idea into a concrete, tangible concept that will help make your videos perform better on the platform.

Now, let’s discuss 15 YouTube video ideas that can get you inspired to come up with your next original video idea that interests your audience.

Top 15 YouTube Video Ideas For Creators To Get Inspired

Whether you’re a novice navigating content creation or a seasoned creator seeking fresh inspiration, finding the right YouTube video ideas is all you need to get your dream channel up and thriving. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll unveil 15 diverse and captivating video concepts that can spark your imagination, nurture your creativity, and propel your channel to new heights.

1. How-to Video

Among the most sought-after YouTube video ideas, the “How-to” video stands tall as an easy-to-create and highly engaging content format. It’s the go-to avenue where creators share their expertise on a vast array of subjects, answering inquisitive minds eager to learn. This form of video provides a stage to share knowledge, from the simplest life hacks to more elaborate DIY projects, each video is a guide to new discoveries.

How-to videos are one of the most popular video ideas for YouTube creators. It’s easy to do, and it’s something that many people are interested in learning about. In a how-to video, you can teach viewers anything from making a fun costume to cooking healthy meals or building an awesome craft.

2. Question and Answer Session

Answering questions is a powerful means to foster a deeper connection and rapport with your viewers, whether conducted in real-time through a live session or pre-recorded for later interaction. This format presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between creator and audience, allowing for an authentic exchange of thoughts, queries, and insights. However, the key to a successful Q&A video lies not just in answering questions but in comprehending the thoughts and questions of your audience and addressing them effectively. Understanding the interests, concerns, and curiosities of your viewers is fundamental to curating a session that resonates and enriches their experience.

This is one of the best YouTube video ideas that helps viewers dialogue on your channel, nurturing a sense of community and trust. Q&A sessions on YouTube pave the way for meaningful interactions that transcend the screen.

3. Tag Video

When it comes to YouTube, adding tags to your videos is like putting labels on them, guiding viewers to the content they want to see. These tags made up of words and phrases, act as digital pointers, helping your videos stand out in the vast ocean of online content.

Selecting the right tags is key. Imagine you’re someone passionate about baking and sharing cake recipes; using tags like “baking” and “cake” in your video titles ensures that people searching for these topics easily discover your content. Furthermore, tagging videos from other creators that relate to yours creates an interconnected network of content. This way, viewers interested in similar themes can effortlessly find a range of related videos, removing the need for multiple searches.

By using accurate and relevant tags, you’re not just making your videos more visible; you’re also simplifying the viewer’s experience, presenting them with a lineup of videos that match their interests. Ensuring your tags reflect your content accurately provides a clear path for viewers exploring YouTube.

4. Reviews

Among the popular YouTube video ideas, review videos stand out for their ability to provide insights into products before making a purchase. These videos offer a sneak peek into what you and other users think about various items, helping viewers make informed decisions before spending their money.

Review videos on YouTube cover a wide range of products, from books and movies to food and fashion. However, not every product needs a review; sometimes, what matters more is the collective opinion rather than an individual viewpoint. It’s essential to genuinely have an opinion about the product you’re reviewing; otherwise, the video might not engage viewers as much.

Approaching review videos means genuinely evaluating the product and sharing your thoughts authentically. Viewers appreciate honest opinions that assist them in their buying choices, making your review an essential guide in their decision-making process.

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5. Collaborations

Collaboration YouTube video ideas stand out as exciting opportunities for creators to team up and create engaging content together. Collaborations embody teamwork and friendship, where creators come together to make videos that go beyond individual channels. This teamwork not only sparks creativity and diversity but also helps reach a wider audience, benefiting everyone involved.

When creators collaborate, they blend their unique styles and perspectives, building content that resonates with viewers across different platforms. This could be heartfelt discussions about relationships or sharing personal stories, collaborations create fresh insights into various topics, offering viewers different viewpoints and a sense of community.

Working on collaborative videos would help you expand your creative boundaries. It will not only enrich your YouTube channel with engaging content but also build your connection and network with other creators.

6. Challenge Videos

Entertaining and engaging, challenge videos stand out for those with a creative streak on YouTube. Hosting a challenge or dare video invites views to fun and occasionally daring activities, captivating audiences through unconventional and lighthearted content.

One of the most memorable challenge videos in recent years remains the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” which gained immense popularity in 2014. Beginning as a dare to pour ice-cold water over oneself and nominate others, this trend swiftly transformed into a viral sensation. Nowadays, an array of challenges populate YouTube, ranging from consuming peculiar, weird or wild foods to partaking in playful and sometimes amusing stunts, such as parading around town with underwear over one’s pants.

Challenge videos on YouTube aren’t just about the antics; they’re about fostering entertainment, camaraderie, and occasionally stretching the boundaries of fun. They offer creators a platform to showcase their adventurous spirit while bonding with their audience through shared experiences and laughter.

7. Tutorial YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube tutorials are invaluable resources, attractive to both beginners seeking new skills and experts looking to refine their craft.

Imagine you’re an adept makeup enthusiast—your expertise can shine through tutorial videos that share tips for creating a flawless smoky eye or mastering the art of creating the perfect cat-eye look. Similarly, if your cooking expertise lies in crafting mouthwatering soups, delectable desserts, or a range of cuisines, sharing step-by-step tutorials on preparing these popular dishes becomes a valuable addition to the YouTube platform.

Creating tutorial videos on YouTube goes beyond showcasing expertise, it is about nurturing a community of shared learning and growth. These videos serve as educational platforms where knowledge is exchanged, encouraging viewers to explore new skills and enhance their existing abilities.


8. Behind The Scene Videos

Behind-the-scenes content offers a delightful peek into the lives of creators beyond filming and editing, showcasing their moments and experiences. From heartwarming moments like picking out wedding rings with a fiancé to the excitement of decorating a house while anticipating the arrival of a new family member, these videos invite new audiences into the creators’ world.

Remember, the more videos you create, the greater the opportunity to attract subscribers. Consistency is key; if you’re planning a video series with a specific theme or topic, strive to release a new video at regular intervals. This not only keeps your audience engaged but also builds anticipation for the next.

Behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube offer a glimpse into the human side of content creation, fostering a connection between creators and their audiences. These candid and personal snippets create a sense of relatability, enriching the viewer experience beyond the polished content regularly presented.

9. Day In The Life

Just like behind-the-scenes videos, sharing a peek into your everyday life through a Day In The Life video is a great YouTube video idea that allows viewers to know you better. As your popularity grows, a natural curiosity arises among your audience to understand the realities behind your public persona.

These videos go beyond mere curiosity; they serve as a crucial tool in building your brand. Offering a glimpse of your personality and daily routines allows viewers to form a more nuanced perception of you as an individual. These candid portrayals act as an invitation, fostering a deeper connection between you and your audience by showcasing your experiences, habits, and unique characteristics.

The “Day In The Life” video format is a window into your daily reality, providing audiences with an authentic and relatable view of your life, thereby enhancing the personal bond between you, the creator and the viewers.

10. Vlogs

Vlogs, short for video blogs or video diaries, revolve around regularly uploading collections of unedited videos, offering an intimate and raw glimpse into a real-life story, findings or adventure.

It is a form of unscripted video that provides creators with the freedom to discuss any form of topic that captivates their interests, offering a platform for authentic self-expression, and connection, allowing viewers to accompany the creator on their everyday journey.

They create a space for engagement, conversation, and a deeper understanding of the person behind the camera. You can talk about whatever topics interest you, whether it be current events, fashion tips or even DIY tutorials.

11. Product Demonstration YouTube Video Ideas

If you sell products on your channel, you can use product demonstrations as an opportunity to show them off and creatively review them.

Consider a channel focused on makeup—an ideal avenue for filming captivating product demonstrations. Here, you can showcase dramatic eye makeup looks using the product line, intertwining the demonstration with a comprehensive review of the featured products towards the video’s conclusion.

These demonstrations are more than just a display of products; they’re an engaging way to share insights, demonstrate functionality, and offer an honest critique. They provide viewers with a close-up view of how products perform, aiding them in making informed decisions on what products to go for.

12. Discuss Your Career

For channels centred around careers or professions, sharing insights about your occupation is an excellent opportunity to dive into what you do and the reasons driving your passion. This offers you a chance to delve into your career journey and its significance.

It’s not just about discussing the “what” of your job; it’s about addressing the “why.” Exploring the motivations, challenges, and gratifications of your career path creates a compelling narrative. Additionally, it’s an opportune moment to seamlessly incorporate referral links, such as website addresses.

13. Niche-Relevant News Video Idea

If your YouTube channel is in a niche that is particularly relevant to current events or news, this can be a great time to talk about it. If there’s an important new law being passed or something going on in the industry you cover, discuss it briefly so that viewers know what is going on and why they should care.

You don’t have to make these videos too long—maybe just a few minutes each week with updates on recent changes in the industry.

14. Create a Myth-Busting Video

If there are a lot of myths about your industry or niche, this can be a great time to create a video that debunks them. For example, if there are a lot of misconceptions about the importance of customer service in your industry, talk about it in one of these live streams and give some tips on how people can improve their customer service.

This can be a great way to generate some buzz and get people talking about you.

15. Interview Someone

You can also interview someone who is considered an expert in your niche. This will help you build up your credibility as well as give people something interesting to read. By interviewing someone with a lot of followers, it’s likely that their fans will see the interview and want to learn more about what you have to offer too.

The interviewee may even help promote the interview, which will drive traffic to your YouTube channel, blog or other social media platforms. If you have a large following, then it’s likely that many people will want to be interviewed by you.

Bonus Point: Create Intro Videos

If you have a new channel or are launching a new series, consider making an introductory video that explains what kind of content you’re going to be making. It can help viewers get excited about what’s coming next and give them an idea of what kind of person they will be learning from. This can also be a good opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand if you haven’t already.

In Conclusion

Now that you have a list of ideas to make great videos, it’s time to pick the best ones. The questions below should help you focus on what type of YouTube content is right for your channel and improve your search engine optimization.

If you’re a creator on YouTube, there are different forms and types of videos to create including, How-to videos, collaborations, challenge videos, and so on. But firstly, you have to find a niche that fits your skills, profession, and passion and at the same time interests a lot of people. Such niches are the best niches to create videos around.

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